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Friday, December 26, 2014

Largest watercolor of the 19th century

Edward Burne-Jones's painting, The Star of Bethlehem, was a huge watercolor, about 8 x 10 feet! Here's the Wiki page about it. Click on the painting for a larger view.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jane Dunnewold on Seeking Grace

This summer I took Artist Strength Training (an online course) with Jane Dunnewold. I've been fortunate to take a couple of in-person workshops as well. She is a really thoughtful, kind artist with whom I've always felt privileged to entrust my own ideas and struggles.

On her website is an inspiring talk called "Seeking Grace" (recording). She talks about a lot of things I suspect many artists think about, from our feelings of vulnerability in making art to creating work that is authentically our own. She summarizes many of the ideas we discussed in Artist Strength Training: cultivating trust in yourself, raising your energy in the studio, creative stamina, and, of course, seeking grace.

I highly recommend listening to her recording (it's about 30 mins.), and I hope it will send you all into 2015 with fresh determination for art making.

"Christmas Soiree!"

Last night we celebrated a wonderful Christmas party at Jerie Artz's home.  There was plenty of food and laughter to go around as well as white elephant gifts and a card exchange.  We're already thinking about next year's party!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

YUPO Workshop

YUPO Workshop - WVWS member, Becky Brody will be presenting a watercolor workshop on Yupo at the art museum in January.  If you've always wanted to try your hand at Yupo, check out the website.  You might want to give a hint to someone who is looking for the right Christmas present for you!

She will also be offering one-day workshops in beginning watercolors, each one independent of
the others but a person could take all of them and paint different pictures, learn other information.

Friday, November 21, 2014

More John Singer Sargent

At the monthly WVWS meeting, Lorie Amick mentioned a John Singer Sargent exhibit at the Gardner Museum. Here's the link to that:

Click on the images and you'll see much larger versions, which even show his brushstrokes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Juried Show Reception

Invite your friends to join us at TAF for the opening reception for the juried show this Friday evening at 6:00. Refreshments served. It's Halloween - treat yourself! Costumes are in order!!! The new WVWS 2015 Calendar will also be available for sale - $18 each. Here is a photo of the thumbnail images of the paintings included on the calendar.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Figurative Watercolor Workshop

Jeannie McGuire, November 3-5, at Ann Arbor.

Debra Zamperla is the workshop organizer. I've taken a couple of pastel classes she organized and she does a nice job.

More info:
Debra's email:
Jeannie's website:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Odyssey of a Painting!

Arvilla Friar is a former WVWS member.  She is 87 and cannot see to paint anymore. But her paintings live on.  Michigan State University tracked her down through an internet post from a gallery showing five years ago in the St. Louis area.  Here is the story.

Recently my mom, Arvilla Friar, was contacted by Michigan State University about a watercolor painting she did of the original entomology building. It was purchased by Gordon Guyer, the then department chairperson. He became president of MSU from 1992 - 1993. MSU recently completed the remodeling of their conference room in the Department of Entomology. The conference room is being named after Gordon Guyer. As part of the dedication ceremony, Gordon Guyer has graciously loaned the university the beautiful picture of the Entomology Building at Michigan State University that was painted by Arvilla. They contacted mom to get permission to reproduce 10 copies of the painting to give to each speaker at the dedication event and to invite mom to attend the event scheduled on November 2, 2014. She gladly gave them permission to make reproductions, but won't be traveling to the event. I'm so proud of my mom! Here is a photo of the painting she did so many years ago. Arvilla painted several other MSU ivy covered historical buildings that have been

Jerie Artz, WVWS Vice President

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sylvia's Art Change out!

A message from our exhibits chair - Becky Brody:
Folks, we plan to be at Sylvia's on Wednesday at 3:30pm to change  out Sylvia's Brick Oven show.
Bobbi Smith and I will plan to do the hanging, so if you can drop off paintings to either her,me,
or the restaurant or join us there, that would be great.  Several of you have let me know you
will be putting a painting in this show---remember that whatever you put on the wall now at
Sylvia's cannot be entered in thejuried show at the end of October! because of timing---so we
should have another good representation there; and, this being the gifting season now, hopefully
we will actually sell something.   See you then, Becky Brody 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WVWS Calendar Submissions

Wow! we have 70 submissions for the 2015 WVWS calendar! Thanks to all those that sent in photos. It's going to make the selection process very hard! Thanks to all of you that submitted your work. Here is one of the images that was sent in by Barb Lee.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Call for Art - 2015 WVWS Calendar

Tomorrow is September 1st - the deadline for calendar submissions for the 2015 WVWS calendar. Since it is a holiday you actually have until September 2nd to e-mail your entries! We currently have 9 artists with multiple submissions. Get crackin'! Here is an example from Judy Sorton.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Delphi Paint out Highlights!

What a great day nine members of the Wabash Valley Waterclor Society enjoyed together at the Delphi Paint out.  Even a little morning rain did not dappen our spirits or halt our progress.  We moved from outdoor spots to a pavilion in the Canal park and kept painting.  Lunch at the Garden Gate Tea House (while the 1st Delphi Bacon Festival was happening) was yummy and fun.  After lunch Rena Brouwer gave us a tour of the new gallery space in the Methodist church while the Delphi Opera House is being renovated.  She invited Anita Werling, chair of the OHAB, and the delphi preservation society, to share with us the history of the Methodist church and progress on the Delphi Opera House.  Be looking for some of the paintings at up coming WVWS exhibits!